Call for Abstracts

We invite submissions in areas of NLP related, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • bias and ethics in NLP.
  • multimodal NLP.
  • dialog and conversational AI.
  • low resource scenarios in NLP.

Submissions should describe new, previously, or concurrently published research. We welcome abstract submissions, in theory, methodology, as well as applications. Abstracts may describe completed research or work-in-progress. We also welcome abstract submissions on negative results as well as challenges faced in industrial or academic applications.

Accepted abstracts will be presented at the poster session. Selected abstracts will be presented both as a lightning talk and at the poster session.

Multiple submissions and anonymity policies: WeCNLP 2019 is compatible with EMNLP and CoNLL multiple submissions and anonymity policies - WeCNLP 2019 is non archival and accepted abstracts concurrently submitted to EMNLP or CoNLL will be publicly announced only after the corresponding anonymity period has ended.

Style Guidelines

  • Abstracts must not include identifying information
  • Abstracts must be no more than 1 page, excluding references. The main body text must be 11 points in size.
  • Do not include any supplementary files with your submission.

Content Guidelines

  • Your abstract should stand alone, without linking to a longer paper or supplement.
  • You should convey motivation and give some technical details of the approach used.
  • While we appreciate that space is limited, some experimental results are likely to improve reviewers' opinions of your abstract.

Acceptance Criteria

Abstracts will be reviewed by at least two reviewers, who will use the following criteria:

  • Is this abstract appropriate for WeCNLP? I.e. Does it describe research in NLP?
  • Does the abstract describe work that is novel and/or an interesting application?
  • Does the abstract adequately convey the material that will be presented?

Travel Grant

We are offering a small number of travel grants to eligible and selected individuals who are hoping to attend WeCNLP 2019. Applications for the travel grant are now open!

What does this grant cover?

Each grant is intended to partially cover travel expenses (airfare, ground transportation, and/or hotel). Meals are not eligible.

Who is eligible?

  • You must be a full-time student in an undergraduate or graduate program.
  • You must submit your complete application and CV by the deadline.

Please note: preference will be given to West Coast institutions not located in the Bay Area (Seattle, Los Angeles, etc.) and to individuals from under-represented minorities in tech.