Poster Presenters

Please upload the following material to CMT:

1. Your camera-ready submission including author names with 2 pages limit (not including citations). For submissions that were already accepted in other conferences, please include the full paper with author names included.

2. A Poster PDF using this template.

3. A txt file containing a link to a 2 min youtube video presenting the poster.

Lightning Talk Presenters

Prepare an 8 minute video presenting the paper and include the name of the presenter on the first slide during the presentation. Your presentation will be followed up by a 2 min live Q&A. Please have your txt submission to include the following 2 rows:

1. Youtube link to a 2 min video for your poster presentation

2. Youtube link to an 8 min video for your talk

Note that you still should submit the camera-ready paper and the poster PDFs.