Information for Speakers

Speaker Slide Decks

  • Speakers are required to put their slide deck in a Google Drive folder (sent by email) by 6am on Friday, September 6th. We recommend uploading a draft a few days before the event so we can test it at the venue.
  • We have provided a WeCNLP branded template for speakers in Keynote and PPT formats which is optimized for the screens in the event center. We encourage and highly prefer speakers to use the templates and insert their slides into the templates provided.
  • If the speaker decides to not use the template, the speaker will need to upload a draft of their presentation into the google drive folder no later than Thursday, September 5th at 5pm so we can test and adjust the presentation. Please read the format + specs below to ensure the presentation is a success.
    • Please note: Google slides does not work well with our AV system in the event center. Please do not use Google slides.
  • The slides from the Google Drive folder will be preloaded onto the event presentation laptop and you will be given a clicker.
  • You will not be able to plug and play your laptop, your slides must be in the Google Drive folder.

Format & Specs - If template is not used

  • 1920x1080p (landscape/wide). Keynote is preferred. Powerpoint is supported. We do not guarantee functionality of other formats such as Google Slides, Prezio, etc.
  • Large video files (Generally played to start a session, after a break) should be delivered as a 1920x1080p individually so we can utilize a video playback machine. For the video to best be displayed on large venue screens, export videos as ProRes 422 (or 4444) 1920x1080p at 60fps.

Data security

  • The Event Operations team is all under NDA and we handle extremely sensitive content regularly.
  • We have very strong standards in place to delete all content after each event.
  • We would be happy to invite anyone into the control room to show our best practices on how we load, manage, and delete content.