Poster Presenters

Please submit the following 3 materials through the CMT camera-ready link by Oct 23rd 2020.

    1. Finalized abstract up to 2 pages (references can start from page 3) named <submission-id>-abstract.pdf . If your submission was a full papers accepted article externally please upload the full paper.

    2. A single page PDF poster <submission-id>-poster.pdf for your submission. You can optionally use the slide template here.

    3. A doc file named <submission-id>-videolink.doc containing the link to your poster video. The video should be uploaded to youtube and be at most 3 minutes.

Lightning Talk Presenters

In addition to poster materials please email the following 2 materials to Yi Zhang and Alborz Geramifard by Oct 28th 2020.

    1. A set of slides using our template.

    2. The link to your lightning talk presentation over the slides for 10 minutes